“Jeni Seeking the Extraordinary”

Role: Camera Operator

Winter 2015 // Television production, Malachi Global Foundation


“Buddy Cops”

Role: Camera Operator

Winter 2014 // Television production, Strong Sauce


“Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell”

Role: 2nd Assistant Camera

Winter 2014 // Television production, Adult Swim


“The Walking Dead”

Role: Camera Production Assistant 

Fall 2014 // Television production, AMC



Role: Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Fall 2014 // Music Video



Role: Camera Operator

Summer 2014 // Music Video, The Verve Pipe


“Standard American”

Role: 1st Assistant Camera

Summer 2014 // Music Video, Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys


“A Trip of a Lifetime”

Roles: Director, Videographer, Editor 

Summer 2014 // Promotional video, Countryside Tours


“Royal Thieves”

Roles: Cinematographer, Editor, Writer

Summer 2014 // Short Film, Compass College of Cinematic Arts



Roles: Boom Operator, Sound Mixer

Spring 2014 // Test shoot, Scatterbrained Media 


“End of the Line”

Roles: Director, Videographer, Editor

Spring 2014 // Music video, The Faultline